How United Madison Helps a Non Profit or Cause:

  • We know our organizations that provide service to people in our community have limited budgets, time and staff. There are many services to help support those in need in our community but sometimes they work in competition with each other or there are gaps. Much of the problem also relates to the lack of awareness of the service or little collaboration.
  • United Madison acts as a “liaison” to drive businesses to a local non-profit, school, church, governmental agency, or other form of community assistance or outreach organization (“Unity Recipient”) in two ways:
    1. Working with a business to sponsor a multimedia campaign that highlights the good work and goals of the Unity Recipient who supports our community.
    2. Assessing the resources (services, volunteering, mentoring, financial resources) and matching them with the needs of the Unity Recipient.
  • The Unity Recipient is in a way, “Adopted” by the business sponsor to have direct access to fulfill needs of the Unity Recipient.

How is a church or school involved?

  • Students or members could be identified for a give back match coordinated through business sponsor and school or church. This may be coordinated through MADrep or United Way or directly through unique partnership. Example: If a local nearby church has a coordinated effort to fulfill a need to help their aging church members with yard work, business employees may provide the service for them.
  • A church congregation or class/school could pool resources of members/students together to sponsor a message that aligns with their goals that includes a logo tag and mention.

Are there any special requirements or restrictions or cost?

  • We focus on human needs that tie to helping people strive and succeed, therefore we do not partner with other non-profit groups such as animal or environmental groups unless specifically tied to human related support. 
  • There are some non-profits that we choose to support at a higher level if they relate specifically to life instability for children and youth as well as prevention; supporting non-profits that work on getting to the root of some life instability issues or mentoring related organizations.
  • At minimum, we try to help increase awareness on behalf of our non-profit partners through our social media platforms.  If an organization wants to help us get the word out, they can email this to us and we will help as we are able to.  With our media relationships, we may also assess what information is particularly newsworthy to share with our media contacts to help get additional exposure.  Similar to a public relations service.
  • We require each non-profit partner to have safety measures in place for volunteers that will be dealing directly with children or people.  While United Madison may be a source of communication sharing for volunteer opportunities, we can only do this if the non-profit has these safety measures - such as required background checks etc.
  • At this time, there is not a cost associated with a non-profit being a partner with United Madison.  We do, however, appreciate a donation to help us off set our costs.  Anything helps.  You can go to the DONATE button at the top of this page.  In the future, we may request a membership fee of a certain amount depending on the size of the non-profit.
  • United Madison also requires our non-profit partners to agree to our philosophy of unity - to ALL work together, listen and be open to collaboration in a non-controversial, non-political way.  We believe in issues and solving problems productively and positively.  We believe every human being is important and valuable.