Sample Video Messages

The video messages below are examples of the commercials that can be sponsored by a business. The media campaign investment options would be determined by United Madison and business sponsor. The videos (PSA’s) would air on TV and be used across all United Madison partner social media platforms and the audio version would air on Radio. The message can be tagged with the business logo and tagline. Custom scripts can be created to meet objectives of business partner that includes the message talent as a representative of the organization.

The sponsorship investment levels of the messages below will be DOUBLED in media and production value by our media partners. Contact United Madison to learn more about how your business can be part of this unique partnership.

“ Bella Domicile talks about the Life Skill “Character”

Talent: Staff at Bella Domicile
We are thankful to Bella Domicile as they present this important message relating to the importance of having a strong character. Bella Domicile offers custom cabinetry and design for your kitchen, bath or any room. They are on Nesbitt Rd. in Madison.

“ Fearing’s Audio Video Security Supports Big Brothers & Big Sisters”

Talent: Doug Fearing
Currently there is a need for 300 BIGS to mentor our children on the waiting list. Please be a BIG or give BIG.
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“Mental Health Awareness”

Talent: Local West High School Students
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“Associated Physicians supports the Healing House”

The Healing House provides a place to heal for homeless children or new mothers. They need your help to make the Healing House a reality.
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“Fearing’s Story/Work Ethic”

Talent: Doug Fearings
Owner, Fearings Audio, Video & Security
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“Hard to Hate”

Talent: Diane Hanson
Owner of Thinking In Sync
Business Development and Marketing Consulting Firm
Originator & Program Director of United Madison

“A Smile” This video is part of the UNITY option. It talks about how everyone is going through struggles no one knows about and that a smile can go a long way.

Talent: Charles Tubbs
Director of Dane County Emergency Management
Former Capital Police Chief (AKA “Chief of PEACE” during Governor Walker Protests)

“Attitude” This video is part of the LIFE SKILLS/SUCCESS TIPS option. It talks about the importance of having a good attitude. It can help you get to where you want to be in life.

Talent: Will Green
Founder of Mentoring Positives Madison WI

“OK Guys – this one is for you – Relationships” This video is part of the LIFE SKILLS/RELATIONSHIPS option. It helps remind guys to treat a lady how they would want someone to treat their sister or cousin.

Talent: Kaleem Caire
Founder of One City Early Learning

United Madison Sample Scripts

Video SCRIPT Examples – Click for written script examples (provided in audio script version). Scripts may be used as is or can be revised or uniquely created based on the business partner or donor’s goals. United Madison will work with your marketing and leadership teams or outside marketing agencies to ensure message and branding requirements.