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Positive Service Announcements

 Are you familiar with a commercial on TV?   We make those happen, but we call them "Positive Service Announcements" because they are different than advertising a sale - we use them to promote "good stuff" - like the idea of unity, or life skill related topics, like respect or work ethic - and they are used to bring awareness to a charity or cause.  We work with the business sponsor of these Positive Service Announcements as well as local media to make them happen.  HOW that all works gets into the weeds, but if you are interested, please ask. 

Give Back Initiative

 Next part is about the "give back" - - - we talk to charities and schools and say, "Hey, what do you need?"  They may say, "Well, we could really use a new logo or we need some help with our accounting each month, or we are short volunteers, or we really need mentors, or we need to figure out how we can store these items, or we need help figuring out how to do this or that."   Then we say, "Ok, we will reach out to our business partners to see if they can help provide this."  There are volunteer coordinators out there for our local charities but we are like an extension of them - advocating for them; acting as a liaison on their behalf.  


 Lastly, we look very big picture at our community and our "umbrella" approach helps us to take a wide view on solutions to help people in our community.  Maybe there is a "challenge" in the community that needs solving.  We try to stay up on these challenges as well as what non-profits or schools or churches may offer to solve them and help connect the dots. This is where it can get confusing, but that's not necessarily something people have to worry about because it can be a little overwhelming. 

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A Note from Diane Hanson

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