How Does a Business get Involved?

Sponsor a Positive Service Announcement

Sponsor positive messages on unity, life success tips, local personal success stories, family foundations or highlight a cause or non-profit organization. These messages reach the community through the media and collaborative social media avenues among partners. 

Help Partner with us to Support a Non-Profit, Church, School or Cause

Provide volunteers, services or expertise to support for non-profits or programs that support people of need in our community. 

Promote United Madison Messages on Social Media

The sponsored messages and any news related links will be provided to business partner to include in their social marketing platforms. 

Engage Employee Volunteers

Engage employees to volunteer and mentor to be part of something bigger than themselves, create team bonding and purpose. 


 Every partner works together and collaborates to fill the gaps between current “silos”. 

Exactly what does United Madison DO for the Business to Fulfill the Above?


We provide Marketing Strategy, Media Buying/Placement, coordination of Media Relations, Writing and Directing of all Commercial messages (AKA "positive service announcements") and on-going management of all aspects of campaigns tied to United Madison. United Madison also provides a connection for PR purposes through our media partnerships - setting up interviews, guiding the person being interviewed and taking care of pre-interview details. United Madison is also involved in assisting with communication strategies for other partners or staff, or for events.

Through the unique partnerships of multiple competing media outlets that United Madison has established, they are working together, rather than independent of each other toward one goal - to help saturate the market with the positive service announcements to help accomplish our mission.  Due to this partnership, the media partners are providing DOUBLE the investment value of any campaign.  This means that if the business invests in a $10,000 campaign the supports Unity, Life Skills or to Highlight a Charity or Cause, they receive $20,000 value in the number of commercials.  The media buy is negotiated as any normal campaign would be in order to ensure the best rates.  In addition, due to this partnership, United Madison has also been able to secure production services at no cost through WISCTV3 Commercial Production Services.  While a business can hire their own advertising agency or work directly with the media, they cannot receive the same benefits on thei;r own as they can under the United Madison umbrella.

There are many opportunities for marketing, but it takes expertise and time to determine what direction to take and where to invest. It also requires thorough knowledge of media, the terminology and ever changing options. United Madison has been established as an expert in the above areas so a company can be assured the recommendations provided for them are objective and based on what is the best interest of the business and their objectives. 

Aside from the investment toward the campaign for the positive service announcements (AKA "Cause Marketing Campaigns"), there are no additional costs for most campaigns.  United Madison has 501c3 status under the fiscal umbrella of Center for Community Stewardship and is an initiative under Thinking In Sync, a business development and marketing firm.   In the next 6 months, it is the goal of United Madison to establish their own 501c3.


It is difficult for a business to stay up on all of the needs in our community. There are thousands of non-profits in our area; it is hard for a business to know exactly who to support and be aware of the different ways their organization could help. Even when a business has someone in their company designated for these purposes, it is still difficult for that person to be plugged into this awareness.  United Madison has strategically sought out and vetted many non-profits to best determine their needs and "match" them to a business who can fulfill the need.  This can be through volunteering, mentoring, training, services, use of their facility or space, or financial contributions - or simply by providing opportunities for their employees to learn more about a charity or cause.  By agreeing to partner with United Madison, you are giving your consent to let us contact you when the needs arise, according to your interests.  Click HERE for more information on the many ways a business can support our community and partner with United Madison.


Each industry has their own "language" that can be confusing.  Any and all questions are good.  If you want to learn more or ask any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Diane Hanson directly at