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Do you serve a community of seniors that would benefit from a listening ear when feeling lonely, bored, or worried?   Or, perhaps, you serve a population needing a sense of purpose and would benefit from helping others.

The Care Call Program is designed to help connect a friendly voice with those needing a friend. 

When getting started with the program, you will receive a packet with on-line forms to assist in matching participants as well as sample templates to offer during set-up and training!

Included in your program packet:

  • Care Call Flyer to print and display for people to see, to use to email your members and for social media purposes. 

  • Call Care Promotional verbiage & graphics to use for social media purposes. 

  • Care Call sign-up forms for person who wants someone to connect with them AND for the person who wants to do the connecting. United Madison has created these Volunteer and Recipient Forms for your organization to duplicate. 

  • Care Call Welcome Email that the care call volunteer will use when they first reach out to the recipient. 

  • If requested, United Madison can add your organization to our website listing of any organization participating in this program for the general public to choose from. We will then promote through our social media channels and through our charity, business, school and church partners. 

Important Liability Statement

 While United Madison is happy to provide the Care Call Program information and the comfort and friendship it provides, organizations utilizing this program must also be diligent.  Therefore, when considering the Care Call Program, please review your organization's liability insurance to ensure the safety and security of your community. 

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