Here are several options on how a business can be involved with United Madison:

To learn more about any of these options, please email Once received, we will either share details/information or connect you with the appropriate resource. If you have any questions, please call 608-848-2918

  • Invest in a sponsorship of a “Positive Service Announcement” on Unity, Life Skills or to Highlight a Non-Profit or Cause. Thanks to media partners, the value of the advertising investment is DOUBLED.
  • Ask your top management to agree to take a group of young people to lunch to talk about their story/inspire them/give them helpful advice. OR – it could be to speak in front of a larger group – at school/college/club etc. United Madison is working with the Madison Metropolitan School District and while they are happy to have any community or business members speak to their students; they are especially interested in providing role models representing diverse race and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Be part of “Inspire” – for Career Coaching. This is the platform the schools are involved in that connects businesses/business mentors/career coaches with students interested in exploring a career. Their website is We can send you a document that outlines all of the options your company or an independent employee could be involved in.
  • Agree to put out volunteer/mentoring/speaking opportunities out to your staff. These would be specific needs that come to us from our non-profit, school or church partners.
  • Agree to share information with your staff about United Way’s “Volunteer Your Time” – volunteer connection platform. This is for independent, staff determined support that can be on their own time or as agree to through your company.
  • Participate in the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools Adopt-a-School program which creates meaningful partnerships between the Madison community and Madison’s public schools, with the goal of contributing to the success of every student.
  • Apply to participate in the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools, A Principal Experience event.
  • Adopt a Church or Non-Profit. This is when a church or non-profit organization would know they can turn to your organization to support their needs.
  • Introduce United Madison to businesses or organizations that provide grants who may have the heart for Unity & Collaboration.
  • Tell your employees about United Madison and let them know to Like Us on Facebook so they can be aware of good stuff going on in our Madison region and to learn about “uniting & lifting up our community.
  • Agree to periodically invite non-profit organizations to come in to speak to your staff about what they are doing – educate your employees on what they have accomplished, their goals and needs.
  • Share information about United Madison in your client and association communication.
  • Agree to receive United Madison communication about success stories and needs in the community.
  • Add the United Madison logo to your marketing campaigns and literature.
  • Have an idea of how you would like to support our movement? Let us know by emailing