Parks and Trails Unite Festival

Parks & Trails Unite Festival

Hello Madison Friends! United Madison is happy to partner with Dane County Parks for the Parks & Trail Unite Festival on June 2. This festival is the epitome of what United Madison is all about: Bringing people together to learn and better understand each other - all in a place we can ALL agree on. There will be something for EVERYONE. Outdoor enthusiasts, music-food-beer-animal-entertainment lovers, kids and adults - and everyone in between! We have amazing sponsorship opportunities available, that not only support the Dane County Parks Volunteer program, but sponsors can partner with their favorite charity to work together at their outdoor “expo” station. A significant cause marketing opportunity is also tied in due to United Madison’s partnership with MANY of our local media. 

Learn all about it right here: 

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact 

Mark your calendars and join in the fun! 

National Guardian Life

National Guardian Life supports Operation Fresh Start.  Watch the video to learn more...

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