Current Project: Mental Health Awareness Campaign

About United Madison

About United Madison


  • The "Originator" of United Madison is Diane Hanson, the Owner of Thinking In Sync, a Madison area business development and marketing firm. Diane has a background in media, communications and training and has been involved in a variety of roles that relate to public relations and community support. 

  • This time in the media included NBC15 in Madison, and along with the late news anchor, Mike McKinney, started the still ongoing "Share Your Holidays" campaign to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank.  Considering this concept, and while looking at the current issues in our community, the same "cause marketing" model was enhanced, but to support a unified, thriving community for EVERYONE.

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The Challenges Discovered


  • People are growing up without a strong foundation and are missing out on learning key life skills.

  • We are all so busy meeting our own goals – for non-profits, businesses, schools, government agencies and the like that we are working in “silos”, therefore, there are few seamless solutions in effectively supporting people in our community. 

  • Areas of our community are divided due to strong judgments/opinions. We don't understand or trust each other.

The Solutions Developed


  • We can make a positive impact in our community by getting the media to join together to provide important mass messages to educate, enlighten and positively influence our community. This is accomplished by providing an opportunity for all businesses to sponsor and to participate in the benefits and value provided by the media.

  • We are also intentionally engaging businesses to give back to the community using their resources of financial/service/expertise as well as “sweat equity” of their employees to volunteer time through mentoring, job shadowing or other value to help people in need that are connected to local non-profits, churches, schools or other organizations. This collaboration fills the gaps.

  • Through our partnership with the media, we provide 1.5 to 10 times the value back in commercial airtime, social marketing, news coverage, consulting services, video production and coordination. United Madison provides self-sustained compensation through an agency commissioned non-profit fee structure in combination with additional pro-bono services. “United Madison has been established as a 501c3 under the fiscal sponsorship of The Center for Community Stewardship.”