Our Mission

Bring a Community Together


  • Tie corporate partnership to the community to strategically and collaboratively bring the organizations to those less advantaged.  

  • Help develop relationships in the community between those working in careers with those who do not have the opportunity to engage in the vision of their potential future. 

Strengthen Foundations


  • Provide exposure to the community for positive life skills/ behavior and successful outcomes with messages of unity to help counteract the social influence that can negatively impact the lives of those in our community.
  • Brand an organization as one that wants to improve the community for all. This goodwill can help not only create a positive image for the organization and increase business/enhance recruitment efforts; it is something the organization can put it into action.  

Provide a Purpose


  • Provide employees an opportunity to get outside of their typical world and get them out into the community, working hands-on with those who would benefit from their influence while developing relationships.

  • Provide a learning environment through job shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships of a variety of industries for people who might not otherwise be given the opportunity. The learning leads to an opportunity for employment.