Get Involved


Non-Profit Organization or Cause

Receive increased awareness and hands-on support for the people you serve through access to needed volunteers, mentors or donors.  LEARN MORE  

A Business

Make a difference in the community, experience community goodwill that reflects positively on your organization and increase engagement with your employees. Accomplish this by becoming a partner with United Madison by sponsoring “Positive Service Announcement" campaigns on unity, life skills or to highlight a non-profit or cause - while giving back through volunteerism. To see a list of the various ways United Madison would like your business to get involved, please click HERE. Want to LEARN MORE?

A Donor or Foundation

Donate toward a “Positive Service Announcement" campaign that can go toward a message on unity, life skills/relationships or highlight a non-profit or cause. Support United Madison and contribute to expenses.  LEARN MORE  

An Individual Who Wants to Help

Like United Madison on Facebook, Follow United Madison on Instagram/Twitter and share the posts with your contacts.  Jump in and volunteer.  LEARN MORE  

An Individual Who Needs Support

Learn of support opportunities through United Way's 2-1-1. Simply call 2-1-1 from your phone or visit United Way Get Help.