mental health awareness campaign


Perhaps you have been touched by a mental health challenge.  If you have, you know how important it is to know how to help or where to find help.  

The true first responders for someone going through a mental health challenge are often family, friends or the general public.  Education, awareness and resources on what to do & where to turn before a trained professional intervenes could be life-saving. United Madison has a unique advantage to provide all-encompassing awareness to market-wide resources. 

Mental Health impacts every part of our community – in our homes, schools and workplace and is often a common denominator in homelessness, poverty, joblessness, domestic abuse and/or incarceration.  We are working in collaboration with the Madison Police Department, Journey Mental Health and other local charities, businesses, media and health care providers to seek the community’s help to tackle this challenge and help spread the educational messages to the community

We are airing three :60 second public service announcements on the following: 

       1. What to do if someone is going through a mental health crisis - Stay Calm and Listen

       2.  How to help a friend struggling with their mental health - Say Something

       3.  Identify if you are struggling with your mental health - Take the First Step

All of the announcements will refer people to our website that provides the following:

    1.  A listing of mental health resources in the Madison area.                                REVIEW HERE

    2.  A navigation page to help people learn where and how to get support.   REVIEW HERE

    3.  A signs & symptoms page to help identify mental health conditions.        REVIEW HERE


We are seeking donations to help this campaign reach hundreds of thousands of people while working with our media partners to make it go significantly further through their 1:1+ MATCH.  Think of it as “crowd sourcing” for a very important cause – and rather than individual organizations working independently with their own unique goals, this Mental Health Awareness Campaign is specifically designed to educate the public and give them tools they can use so they are equipped to help themselves or support friends and family. Please make this a priority.  Click the button below to donate.